Lux Nails & Spa LLC - Company Message

Hot Stone Sugar Scrub Manicure                             $ 25

 Our relaxing and soothing manicure will leave you a total bliss. You will immerse into a nice warm spa bag for heat and relaxation and with the ultimate in massage therapy with sugar scrub and warming stone which penetrated heat deeper into your hands and arms for more flexibility, follow a hot towel wrap and a polish of your choice.

Hot Rock Sea Salt Paraffin foot Soak                                  $ 30

Lux new service! Our relaxing and soothing hot stone treatment will leave you a total bliss. This treatment will leave you hydrated and totally relaxed.  Your feet will immerse into our whirlpool spa, follow with a salt scrub and after that they will be wrapped in a warm peach paraffin. The heat of the paraffin will allows it moisture into your skin, this will help with dryness and arthuritis. Follow  a warmed stone as a heat messenger to those tired arching muscles, during the lavender oil massage. This is a 45 minute treatment. ( Please note this is not part of the pedicure and polish service.)